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Demanding – Activating – Enjoyable: CEP helps athletes activate their full potential and offers products for the entire body – with and without compression. CEP sportswear makes sports and athletic activities even more enjoyable for high-performance athletes and amateurs alike. The products activate and support various endogenous functions by applying physical pressure to your skin – during strenuous activities and while you recover.

CEP is a manufacturer of activating compression sportswear and a brand of medi, an internationally successful company founded in 1951. CEP launched production of high-tech compression socks in 2007 based on the medical expertise of its parent company, a leading global manufacturer of medical compression products. The premium brand CEP now offers a wide range of products from socks and tights to shorts and shirts for various segments including Running, Training, Hiking and Skiing. The targeted use of compression improves blood circulation and speeds up the removal of metabolic waste such as lactates. CEP offers the right product for every athlete to achieve a perfect balance between health and performance. All of the products are developed in collaboration with renowned scientists, sports physicians, pro athletes and designers specifically for the respective sport and produced to the highest German quality standards.

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CEP I Hiking with medi Compression
CEP Sports

CEP I Hiking with medi Compression

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