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4iiii offers Powermeters, Heart Rate Monitors, and the Smart Trainer. 4iii team of engineer-athletes designs, develops and manufactures the finest sports technology training tools in the world. Our products are relied on by top teams on the UCI World Tour and other pro cyclists, runners and triathletes. Third-party laboratory testing confirms our accuracy and reliability. But our most important input comes from our customers. The suggestions we receive and the questions we are asked ensure that our products are not only professional quality, but also personally relevant.

At 4iiii Innovations we believe in empowering athletes by providing them with all the tools they need to get the most accurate results.  From recreational riders and runners, to our sponsored Pro-teams, we create tools that help our customer train for a personal best or podium finish. 


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Ph: 403-678-1441

E-mail: info@movesalesinc.ca

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