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Niner offers a full range of mountain bikes from high performance cross country to aggressive trail bikes. We're committed to equal access to dirt roads, trails, and gravel for all riders, regardless of race, creed, orientation, identification, religion or nationality. We humans are all made of dirt and we'll all return to it someday. Dirt is the trails we ride, it's the grit and determination to be good and to be resilient, and it's in the details of doing things the right way, for the right reasons.

Our commitment to dirt encompasses every interpretation of the word "dirt." We are committed to building bikes that make your ride on dirt better. We are committed to building and preserving trails, giving everyone more places to ride on dirt. We are committed to minding the details. And we're committed to the total outdoor lifestyle and experiencing the natural world in as many ways as possible, with equal access and opportunity for all.

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Niner Bikes WFO e9 E-Mountain Bike Action, with Kyle Warner
Niner Bikes

Niner Bikes WFO e9 E-Mountain Bike Action, with Kyle Warner

Move Sales Inc. Logo.png


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