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Since the 80s a small cabal of mountain bikers have been escaping from the glass & steel of Vancouver into the mountains that tower over the city’s North Shore. Inside the green envelope of the forest they would experiment with the boundaries of possibilities on their mountain bikes. They carved lines in the forest floor, rode down sheer rock faces & took to the canopy to catch flight–all previously unimaginable acts for cyclists–at the time the emphasis was on racing the clock. Their priority was to be free to explore & to establish their own limits of what they could do on a bicycle. They challenged the conventions of mountain biking, & also provided them with a source of liberation from the urban crush. Vancouver’s North Shore played a key role in the early Freeride movement.

Sombrio has roamed the woods of Vancouver's North Shore for over 20 years on mountain bikes but, until now, the Canadian brand has never made a bike of its own. That changes with the Shovel, a no-nonsense hardtail made to survive and thrive on anything the Shore could throw at it.

Inspired by a world that rides bikes, we are creators of innovative elements to live & breathe the two-wheeled culture.

Move Sales Inc. Logo.png


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