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How to Choose Suitable Ski Skins

Colltex ski skins are a high-quality textile product. We make sure that they are perfectly functional at every conceivable temperature and in all types of snow for all purposes you may need them.

The pile side in contact with the snow is made either of 100% mohair (Angora-goat hair), a mixed fabric of 65% mohair/35% polyamide, or 100% Techfibre. For beginners and all-rounders, we recommend the mohair/polyamide mix with its excellent grip. Experienced touring skiers may opt for 100% mohair ski skins to ensure optimum glide.

The Hotmelt adhesive coating is both windproof and weatherproof and especially reliable for tours lasting several days and for repeated attachments and detachments. To ensure that the skins absorb as little water as possible, we add a Drybase layer to the back of the skin. Use the net to protect the adhesive sides when storing your skins.

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Zuschneiden eines Colltex Skifelles standard DE 08
Colltex swiss ski skins

Zuschneiden eines Colltex Skifelles standard DE 08

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