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As lifelong outdoor and action sports enthusiasts, we have an obligation to the world around us. Our mission is simple: provide the freshest designs in headwear while pushing the limits of eco-friendly production for the best materials. Looking for awesome headwear - bucket hats, sun hats, travel hats, caps, kids hats, balaclavas, ski masks, gaiters, skullies, headbands and face toasters - that puts the planet first? We’ve got you covered - literally.

CTR Outdoors makes high quality, performance gear for outdoor sport and activity where the use of purposefully designed balaclavas, gaiters, headbands and neck and face protective wear allows the wearer to do their sport or activity more comfortably and enjoyably. 

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CTR Brand Introduction
CTR Outdoors

CTR Brand Introduction

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Ph: 403-678-1441

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