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Icebug makes shoes that save the world from slipping - raising the bar for sustainability in the industry and making it easier to get outdoors.

Grip where you expected to slip. Welcome to the world of Icebug, where slippery conditions make it more fun to get out. Our mission is to get people out more AND be a leader in transforming our industry to be completely sustainable. Therefore, we:

- Produce the world's best traction footwear

- Minimize our negative environmental impact

- Inspire and invite others to join us outdoors

The Journey of Icebug 

''No one believed in us. They were wrong.'' Icebug was founded by mother and son in 2001, and is still an independent, privately owned company.

When we started the company, our business idea was to sell well-gripping shoes with dynamic steel studs. The idea of this was that the shoes, in addition to keeping feet warm and dry, would save people from the winter's biggest problem – slipping.

At first, no one believed in us. Colleagues in the industry said that we did not have a sufficiently relevant product, and no one thought we would survive in the long run. We were saved by the wow factor. To this day, the wow factor is our greatest asset. Putting on shoes with one of our traction technologies – the dynamic steel studs on ice, the RB9X rubber on wet cliffs or tractor pattern in clay – and experiencing grip where you expected to slip is simply something unique.

Our wow factor makes our customers love Icebug, and they are happy to recommend our products to their friends. With that foundation, we have, step by step, been able to make traction footwear into its own product category.

Icebug makes shoes that make it easier for people to get out into nature, and for us to continue to exist, we are therefore directly dependent on the world around us doing well. Icebug constantly tests all materials and components in each shoe, to see if they can be replaced by something that – without compromising function – is better for the environment.

In addition to minimizing our negative impact, we also overcompensate for our carbon emissions. In the Spring 2019, we became the world's first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes, and we have put on the leader's jersey for the rest of the industry to follow suit.

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Discover Icebug Arcus RB9X GTX – 100% Dry Feet 💦👟

Discover Icebug Arcus RB9X GTX – 100% Dry Feet 💦👟

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