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Tripoint Eyewear immediately distinguishes itself with biobased nylon lenses and frames. These are stronger and lighter. The lenses offer better depth-of-field contrast with minimal environmental impact. Tripoint manages to combine sleek Scandinavian design with pioneering features, technology and appearance.

Glasses with a mission

We want to make accessible innovative sports glasses that respect the environment and protect your eyes throughout every moment of your life. We love fashion, we love simple, we love innovative design. We also love fair prices. So that cycling, skiing and traveling while being well protected remain moments that we can all enjoy. In 50 years, we want to be able to look back on the sports glasses industry and laugh. Knowing things have changed, and we have played a major role in the transformation. Whether it’s about choosing our materials or selecting our partners, our glasses are manufactured according to a very strict set of specifications to ensure our products are safe and long-lasting.

We are the new mix

We are not just another sports brand. We are not just another eyewear brand. We are the new mix. Breaking boundaries is at the center of what we do. Erase the lines between sport and fashion is what we chase. We are a new way of creating technical, fashionable, sustainable eyewear and we share that vision with you.

Tripoint was founded on Sweden´s West Coast, Göteborg in 2022 by Elina Svensson and her colleague Jesper Englund. Together they have almost 30 years of experience from the eyewear fashion and sport industry. Mixing the world of fashion, sport and sustainability together. Creating sustainable products, produced with a sustainability mindset. Driven by curiosity, without boundaries.


The name Tripoint is a geographical point at which the boundaries of three countries or subnational entities meet. This creates a unique place and binds countries together. Tripoints can be found all over the world. There are approximately 176 international tripoints. We are humble and respectful to these surroundings. Knowing they can hit us with full force. That is why we adapt, that is why we prepare, that is why Tripoint exists. Made to withstand the harsh and variable climate and ready to take on every challenge.

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