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Näak was born in Canada with one mission: build the most efficient and sustainable fuel for endurance sports. It's all based in one radical idea. Long lasting energy powered by high quality and sustainable ingredients. Or, as we call it, ultra fueling.

Our products cover all the nutrition needs of ultra distance athletes: energy, hydration and recovery. Developed by sport nutritionists and tested by world class elite athletes, they go through several iterations until they achieve the highest degree of performance.

Whether it is the 4:1 carbs:protein ratio for long lasting energy, or the electrolytes you need for hydration, or the BCAAs to push back muscular tiredness, our energy bars got you covered.

Näak is driven to push the boundaries of performance using the most sustainable and complete protein sources available. Each detail counts, even the smooth-like-a-gel texture which makes Näak bars resist to extreme temperatures so you can consume them in any conditions.

Today, thousands of professional and amateur athletes, including Canadian ultra marathon and ultra distance cycling champion, depend on Näak to explore new playgrounds and redefine what is physically possible. 


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