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Celebrating 125 years of mountain inspiration From beer festival marquees to the summit of Mount Everest. When Hans Deuter founded the company in 1898, he couldn't have imagined that deuter would one day lead the way in mountain sports innovation and become one of the most groundbreaking backpack and sleeping bag brands in the world. Its success can be attributed to a deep-rooted passion for mountains and the inspiration drawn from them in creating the best and most durable product solutions for its customers. In 2023 the German brand is celebrating a special anniversary: 125 years of deuter and 125 years of mountain inspiration!

As a mountain sports pioneer and Europe's biggest backpack manufacturer and sleeping bag expert, deuter has been shaping the international mountain sports scene since 1898 - that's 125 years. As for just as long the Gersthofen-based company has been creating innovative, high-quality, durable products with the aim of providing its customers with exactly what they need to pursue their passion in a sustainable package. Throughout, deuter has also been committed to responding to individual needs and relentlessly challenging the status quo.


deuter innovations that shaped the backpack market.

And so over the years they've come up with countless innovations that revolutionized the backpack market: For the first ascent of Nanga Parbat in 1953, Herman Buhl was very careful to select exactly those pieces of gear that he could depend on to withstand the extreme conditions and challenges of the expedition and that included the deuter Tauern backpack that was developed back in 1930. 1984 saw what was arguably the biggest revolution: The Aircomfort, the first back system with a mesh back panel, which caused dueter's competitors to sweat because it spared mountaineers that very same discomfort. In 1990, when Bike Transalp pioneer Andi Heckmair needed a backpack to take on his journey across the Alps, he teamed up with deuter to design the first ever bike-specific backpack. In 1996, Bernd Kullmann developed a child carrier prototype for his daughter. The deuter Kid Comfort delivered on its name and was the first child carrier to be TÜV/GS-certified and remained the only one for quite some time.

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Brooke Goudy about bikepacking

Brooke Goudy about bikepacking

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